March LA.B
DA/DA Diane Ducasse

In order to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the French watchmaking brand March LA.B invited DA/DA Diane DUCASSE to redress its new womens watch, the Dandy MANSART… Seduced by her unique approach offering a simple vintage and slightly androginous style, they gave her “carte verte” for a stylistic watchmaking endeavour. The result echoes its maker. Surprising, elegant, relaxed and highly colourful for an upbeat time-keeper. A very pop collaboration immortalised through a road trip in their native Basque Coast aboard a scarlet red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. DA/DA’s spirit of freedom is now Marching.

Out on 3rd Novembre 2021 on pre-order.

To be discovered on and in our parisian showroom-apartment, in March LA.B’s boutiques and on

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