Fall/Winter 2019

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This season, Role Models are our superheroes. The DA/DA woman has supernatural powers. She puts on her clothes as Mum, Wife, Company Leader, Big Sister, Daughter…to face the stages of her life. One day, a suit to speak in front of his associates, another day a bold cape with black gloves to play with her children, the next day a frock coat for a romantic dinner with her lover or a kilt for the Sunday lunch with the family. All the while retain the flexibility to run through all of those events in one day in our outfit.

The DA/DA woman is a multi faceted woman and a suit adapted to each situation. She enjoys having fun playing between ; the large adjusted volumes of fabric, the direct yet soft colours, the graphic and floral prints. In her sometimes austere and strict air, she keeps her soul as a little girl. The transmission is done by gestures, mimicry and the will of the child to be an adult and to the adult to want to always remain a child.

DA/DA sets the tone, the Fall/Winter 2019 season will be a tribute to all those women who are admired for their elegance in all circumstances. Dress codes will be guided by self-confidence and the will to be oneself.

A role model for the others who watch before daring to dare.

For my loving Mum

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